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We love our small neighborhood.

We are ‘the’ All American family. We followed our fathers into military service. We supported our brothers and sisters when they joined up, and now we support our sons and daughters. Many family members devoted their lives to military careers. We pay our taxes, mortgages and insurances. We trust our bank. We are loyal citizens and support our country, president, government, courts, laws, and community. We proudly work in our community and hold notable jobs. NO deadbeat dads, alcoholics, drug abusers, cheats or crooks. We do not disturb our neighbors and will help anyone in need. We are a quiet, and peaceful family.

So, why is our home in foreclosure? After inquiring about a fix loan, Wells Fargo offered to modify our loan and gave us a list of tasks to complete. First task was troubling, stop paying our mortgage or we could not qualify. We verified the requirement with other Wells Fargo bankers, neighbors, friends and family. Nearly all agreed to not disagree with Wells Fargo. Unfortunately, three months (THE TIME PERIOD SPECIFIED FOR BANKS BEFORE THE COULD RECEIVE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION BENEFITS) into the modify program, we were ousted without explanation and told a short sale was our only solution. Why are we going to be homeless, after requesting a fixed mortgage? We are completely capable and willing, to continue to make the mortgage payment we have pay in the past five years. What sense can you make of our predicament?

Devastated and disillusioned,

Deborah Pecoraro

— deborah pecoraro
September 17, 2010 at 1:53 p.m.


is an unincorporated area in the Antelope Valley region of Los Angeles County.
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